Geek and gamer box

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Geek and gamer box

Geek and Gaming Subscription Boxes

These boxes are specifically designed for those of us who love freaking out over pop culture, nerding out over a particular fandomor keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest games. Cratejoy offers a wide variety of boxes that cover games, fandom, pop culture, science, and technology. Treat yourself or someone you care about, and let your geek flag fly. Cratejoy - Shop Subscription Boxes. Sell on Cratejoy Sell. Sign in. Sort by. Call first dibs on limited-time offers, new boxes, and more.

geek and gamer box

Email Address. Back Url. Escape the Crate reviews. A bi-monthly "Escape Room" subscription box full of puzzles and mysteries to solve! Unbox a mystery! Solve a crime! Close the case! A new stand-alone mystery every month! Finders Seekers - Escape Room Game reviews. Enjoy a do-it-yourself escape room game with clues and riddles to challenge the whole family!

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Skulls Unlimited's BoneBox 76 reviews. Mario's Mystery Block 34 reviews.Do you love video games? Are you someone who has an extensive strategy in place when playing World of Warcraft? Do you have a strong on opinion on which comic brand is better, DC or Marvel?

If so, you may want to check out monthly geek subscription boxes. For a low monthly fee, a geek subscription box will provide you with access to your favorite games, characters, and apparel. However, with a rise in nerdy subscription boxes, you may find it challenging to choose the right product. Krex seeks to provide members with boxes that contain never-before-seen items.

The items are compatible with LEGOs and other custom-building bricks. Each Brick Loot Box contains between four and eight products. You can elect to receive a monthly subscription. They could also opt for three-month, six-month, and one-year subscriptions. Prepaying for these subscriptions helps lower the per-month cost. Members must provide their t-shirt size when ordering since each Geek Box order comes with a shirt.

The company creates a theme for each box that they ship, with the topics changing each month. Every Geek Box comes with limited-edition items. There are between four and seven items in each Geekbox, not including the t-shirt. The company aims to include brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Harry Potter.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. The company caters the crates to pop culture fans, providing them access to exclusive items and apparel. Loot Crate creates themes for their boxes. You will receive at least four products in every container.

5 Ideas for a Geek and Gamer Subscription Box

They can also prepay for three months, six months, or 12 months, which could help cut down on the per-month cost of the box. The company works closely with big-name brands, including Marvel, Harry Potter, Fortnight, and Cartoon Network, among others.I loved the Black Panther shirt and the Zelda mirror was over the top.

The other included items were all well done and very creative in terms of curation. Geek Fuel is a great geek and pop culture box for anyone who loves fun items inspired by their fave fandoms. Everything in here was a winner of some kind.

Geekfuel is a love letter to our 12 year-old self. A call back to the moments in pop culture that created the mile markers within our childhood memories growing up.

Fuel Your Inner Geek! Thank you geekfuel!! I can rescue princess Zelda now. Kimber L. All products included in the box must be in unused and unopened condition. To request a refund please contact us. Geek Fuel is the ultimate monthly subscription box for fans of pop culture. Geek Fuel is made in limited quantities so when you choose your plan, we will let you know when your first box will be delivered.

Typically, active subscriptions will ship by the 20th of the month and new subscriptions will ship based on availability. Active subscriptions will be billed on the 8th of the month. You will receive a notification prior to any billing on your account. Geek Fuel is designed and developed by an elite team of pop culture commandos. Every box is curated with exclusive essentials for your home, office or secret lair.

Show off your favorite items to the world. Open Your Box With Friends. Cozy up with your exclusive collectibles. Enjoy rare collectibles Wear your new shirts with your family in style. Show off your favorite collectibles at work. Minnesota, USA. Awesome shirt!!! Kentucky, USA. Fellow geek, Choose Your Plan. New members will receive the October Edition as their first shipment. Free US Shipping. Most Popular.Whether people are looking for cool branded T-shirts or themed products such as comic books, game downloads, and fan collectibles, there is definitely a need for monthly subscription boxes for the geeks and gamers among us.

Ensure your customers have their comic book or graphic novel fix each and every month with a comic subscription box. You can deliver classics or latest editions each month, and you can even include a collectible inside — for example, a T-shirt or figurine relating to the particular comic. Many people will say that board games are in the past, but not us!

Send customers a new board game each month for them to play with their family or friends. Far more than just dressing up, cosplay evokes a sense of intrigue, whimsy, and empowerment. You can supply fabrication and makeup tips, materials to create costumes, and inspiration from other amazing cosplays.

And we can assure you, the fan base for trading cards and accessories is huge. First, come up with an idea. If you love everything about gaming, comic books, board games, and puzzles, then your passion will shine through your projects. The benefits of turning your hobby into a viable business are endless. You can use that yourself. While it will be an outlay at first, the profits will hopefully soon start flooding in. Third, there are tax benefits involved. Always wanted to attend Comic-Con?

Now it can be a business expense. Of course, there are guidelines around this so always follow them to avoid repercussions. And finally, running your own business offers loads of flexibility. Work when and where you want. Your email address will not be published.

geek and gamer box

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Whether people are looking for cool branded T-shirts or themed products such as comic books, game downloads, and fan collectibles, there is definitely a need for monthly subscription boxes for the geeks and gamers among us.

Comic box Ensure your customers have their comic book or graphic novel fix each and every month with a comic subscription box. Board game box Many people will say that board games are in the past, but not us! Cosplay box Far more than just dressing up, cosplay evokes a sense of intrigue, whimsy, and empowerment. Build a prototype box.

geek and gamer box

Find the products you most want to include in your box. Build the box as close to how you want it to finally look as possible. That means finding all the packaging, deciding what size and style of box you want and figuring out the branding. Send the box to some of your family members and friends and ask them for their feedback.

Figure out the price. Pricing can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Go low to remain competitive and people may not take you seriously. Set up your websiteMarketplace listing and social media channels. This is how you will actually sell your subscription box and also how you will market it. Start selling! Sell your first subscription box and send it out when agreed or advised.Here are the best Geek subscription boxes that gamers, nerds, and fanboys and fangirls alike must try this month.

What you get : Receive 4 to 6 officially licensed and excluded Harry Potter and Fantastic Beats gear, collectibles, and apparel. To get started, just choose your House and select a t-shirt size. This is by far the best Harry Potter subscription box out there!

Check out our unboxing. This is a great apparel subscription for both men and women! Plus, you even have the option to get anything from 3, 6, and 12 Pops. Every frightening crate contains 4 horror collectibles along with a t-shirt. By far one of the coolest monthly book subscriptions out there today. Best of all, some products are even officially licensed by Nintendo. This is a great choice for kids. What you get : Vinyl Moon is a monthly vinyl record mixtape box that features 10 up and coming artists, unique art for the jackets and inserts, as well as deluxe packaging features.

One of our favorite boxes for teens and tweens. What you get : Get pop culture or horror items along with an authentic celebrity autograph delivered straight to your door each month. Thanks for reading and hopefully you find the best monthly nerd subscription box that meets your needs. And for more subscriptions box recommendations, be sure to check out our full archive of the best monthly boxes that you must try this month.

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This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support. This level of quality control has got to bump them down on this list!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Get subscription box coupons! Get awesome subscription box coupon codes and online deals delivered straight to your inbox. Now check your email to confirm your free subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address.

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geek and gamer box

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24 Best Geek Subscription Boxes (For Gamers and Nerds Alike)

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